You Deserve

My Vision

My vision is to transform yoga and activewear so that it is feminine and fashionable, high-quality, colourful and made from eco-friendly fabrics.

Why I designed this range of activewear

My passion was always in fashion. My father was a tailor and I always admired his artistic talent and dedication to making people happy by creating beautiful clothes that they were proud to wear. My daughter is a yoga teacher and I was really excited when she introduced me to yoga and activewear. I spoke to many people who wear activewear all day and they all said that they wanted activewear which was colourful, classic and comfortable.

This dedicated work of design and creation was time-consuming and challenging but so
satisfying. It took two years but it was certainly a labour of love. I hope you enjoy the finished product.

Affordable high-end stylish yoga and activewear

Many women wear activewear throughout the day, therefore, they should be elegant, flattering, yet also comfortable and of course affordable, so you can wear different colourful, flattering styles and feel beautiful and elegant all day

Beautiful natural colours. Inspiring and feminine designs

Our range of colourful and stylish designs consist of natural colours and floral designs along with authentic yoga and Buddhist themes

Made from bamboo an eco-friendly fabric

Look good and feel good while also helping the environment by choosing to wear yoga and activewear made from the eco-friendly fabric of bamboo. The fabric we use to make our range of yoga and active-wear is made from bamboo and cotton which are eco-friendly. Bamboo offers luxurious softness, smoothness and a flowing and gentle drape. Importantly, Bamboo clothing are easy to launder in a washer and dryer.


Our range of yoga and activewear is proudly made and sewn in Australia.

Feel proud and happy and reflect confidence

If we look good – we feel good – and if what we wear also feels good on our skin, it’s a perfect combination.

I believe that all women, no matter shape or size, deserve to feel proud of their bodies and with our range of stylish, colourful and flattering yoga and activewear – all women will look and feel amazing all day every day.

Be proud to wear elegant and stylish yoga and activewear. Feel feminine, bold and beautiful.

Yours Eti Galapo

A Perfect Blend of Fitness and Fashion Creates a Confident and Stylish Woman

The fast growing trend towards activewear has reflected a colourful runway in past few seasons. A wide Range of sportswear brands, classy collections and stylish patterns commit both comfort and style. Shop Women’s Activewear and sports accessories at OneMoment®. The range focuses on cutting-edge ladies gym wear designs using the Top quality fabrics.

One Moment®, a Feminine Activewaer brand based in Sydney, designs high quality and
affordable high-end stylish yoga and activewear. Being trendy and maintaining high quality, One Moment® also ensures the comfort and fabric of the product.

One Moment® clothing has many features that have earned peoples’ trust. These few but extraordinary features have landed us a place among top activewear brands. We commit:

  • Fashionable: We follow trends which keeps you inspired
  • Feminine: Designs for fitness freaks and unique fashion lovers
  • Fun to wear: Beautiful natural colours and floral designs make you feel like a lively bird
  • Eco-Friendly Fabric: Soft and comfort fabrics are made from bamboo and cotton

No matter whether you are focusing on – high intensity workout, preparing for a marathon or getting that “beach bod” for the summer, we have a wide range of products to offer. Choosing the right gear depends on what sport you decide to engage in.

It may not be easy to keep your everyday fashion clothing aside and don activewear and running shoes. Here at One Moment® we offer not just activewear but also something that will make you look beautiful and feel amazing all day.

Activewear and Yoga Clothing at One Moment® are 100 percent Australian made (in Sydney). Fabric for all of our product range is made from eco-friendly bamboo. Besides being eco-friendly, these women activewear are laundry and dryer friendly which will be an ideal choice for clean freaks.